Thursday, December 23, 2010

kisah yg xmngkin ak lpakn tuk slmnya

ak xprnah pn trfkir yg prkara 2 bleh trjdi.. ak mcm xprcya je.. dh la tme 2 ak tngah lpor gle..
n tngah msak tme 2 jgak trjdi nye prkara yg x d ingni..
huuuu.. tbe2 je... rsa nk mngis tme 2.. huhu.. but as a leader.. im still ok,, 2 cover all the matter.. but i'm not the best slving person 2 solve all the matter.. dan sorg bdak nie..
first tme ak tngok dia mcm 2..
dia mcm nk ngis when he talk bout he fmly.. actualy,, i'm sprise 2 when he talk bout he fmly n first tme i see him like that.. but i still not blve he do like that.. ohh! ! i'm vry sad bout this..
n one mre thing,, u're alwys in my heart,, even u dnt like it... but as u frnd,, (actualy)..
this stry actualy bout my tettt.. huuuhuuu.. rsa ak nie mcm xda fngtion je ..
bnyak kli jgak ak pkir pe fngtion ak.. but.. i will cntnue all my job as leader..
no matter come out..
i will take care of YOU..
i WILL ! ! !..
n never let YOU SAD...

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